This Pillow Bag Automatic Coffee Powder Sachet Packing Machine is mainly used for packaging bread/bakery, chocolate, sweets, biscuit, vitelline pie, lollipop, moon cake, ice cream, card, wet tissue, spoon, toothbrush, soap, scourer ball, syringe, hardware, commodity and the products with regular shape and no sticky.


Tyyppi: Multi-Function Packaging Machine
Kunto: Uusi
Toiminto: Täyttö, merkintä, tiivistys, kääriminen
Sovellus: Vaatteet, kemikaalit, hyödykkeet, ruoka, koneet ja laitteet, lääketieteelliset, tekstiilit
Pakkaustyyppi: pussit, elokuva, pussi, seisomapussi
Pakkausmateriaali: muovi
Automaattinen asteikko: Automaattinen
Vetotyyppi: Sähkö
Jännite: 220V
Power: 2.8KW
Dimension(L*W*H): L)4030X(W)820X(H)1420mm
Sertifiointi: CE + ISO
Control: PLC or Double Drive
film thickness: 18-80um
Kalvomateriaali: laminoitu kalvo
Bag type: Pillow bag
Speed: 30-150Bag/Min
Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless steel
Shape of sealed bag: back seal
Bag Length: 150-450mm
Bag Width: 50-180mm
Takuu: 12 kuukautta
Myynnin jälkeinen palvelu: Insinöörit ovat käytettävissä ulkomailla sijaitseviin huoltokoneisiin

Tärkeimmät suorituskyvyn ja rakenteen ominaisuudet:

Multi-function, various products and size available
PLC Touch screen operation, easy to operate and understand
High speed, connectable to various feeder line
Double frequency converter controller / servo motor for choice
High sensitivity sensor, Durable sealing cutting blades


1.The bag length is automatically detected and set by the equipment without manual setting.
2.Simplified mechanical structure with dual-frequency converter,is easy to maintain,has little vibration,little wear and long life.
3.The main control circuit adopts the single chip microcomputer developed by our own company,displayed by touch screen and controlled by frequency converter.Perfect HMI makes the operation centralized and convenient .
4.Dual frequency converter is adopted to control packaging speed and bag length.Stepless shift and wide adjustable range make the machine match well with the former working procedure.
5.High sensitization electric eyes can follow the object automatically and accurately.
6.Intermittent inflatable device and alcohol spraying device can be installed in the machine.
7.Independent temperature control for each sealer makes the appearance beautiful and firm,and suitable for various of flexbile packing material.